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Mary Jane (Toni Gonzaga), an all-around event/wedding organizer, meets the clients that will change the course of her monotonous stuck up life – her ex-boyfriend Pete (Sam Milby) and her estranged younger sister Mary Anne (Alex Gonzaga). The two persons dear to Mary Jane are getting married! Despite the initial hesitation, Mary Jane’s commitment to make up to her sister overcomes the uneasiness she has with her ex-boyfriend. Still, as the big day comes nearer, past issues and buried emotions begin to resurface, risking the things that can bind them all together: love and family.

Director: RC Delos Reyes

Writer: Mika Garcia-Lagman, Juvy Grado Galamiton

Starring: Toni Gonzaga, Alex Gonzaga, Sam Milby

Producers: Paul Soriano, Mark Victor

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